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اطلب البحث الآن

    Since the old times, there have been forms of speculative thinking about the world since ancient times, in addition to some attempts at logical exploration, and these primary scientific or theoretical methods existed until the initiatives of the sixteenth century, and in this century in particular with Francis Bacon (1561-1626) the idea was clarified that science can and should be organized with the aim of mastering the nature and development of nations, by emphasizing the economic and political interest in scientific progress, and the need for those who judge not to underestimate the value of their scholars. Bacon also laid the foundations for institutional scientific research, framing a scientific policy that the organization participates in the work of scholars to better serve the economic progress of the nation. This is what the “Ejada” company, the best Educational Services Company in oman, seeks, as it meets all researchers’ requirements in pursuit of their goals that they have always dreamed of. With Us, scientific research is written according to systematic foundations based on specialized science for each research, in order to identify all forms of aspects related to scientific research and solve the problem on which this research is based.

    :Development of professionalism in writing scientific research and the international countries dealing with it

    Scientific research was not truly professional until the nineteenth century, especially with the emergence of the first researchers, so World War II came to be the strong impetus for designing many systems to integrate scientific research into economic development, and the first defense strategy for modern countries, and Vannevar Bush in the United States of America is considered a pioneer in these organization, which lobbied the political world for the establishment of various authorities including the National Science Foundation.

    The Frascati Manual to meet the statistical needs of Scientific Research identifies several types of research, the most important are as follows

    The Basic Research: It is conducted mainly (but not always exclusively) with the aim of producing new knowledge regardless of application views.

    The Applied Research It is oriented towards a specific business goal.

    Development Research Activities: (Sometimes confused with technological research), it consists in applying this knowledge to manufacture new materials, products, or devices.

    Here, care must be taken to distinguish the different disciplinary sectors, because research in philosophy is completely different from research in molecular biology or archeology, and it is also possible to distinguish different research systems between each other, such as utilitarian, academic and mechanical systems.

    :Systems Standards and Norms Research

    According to the different forms of research encountered, different types of standards and norms define scientific practices, and these standards and rules are not always legal, and therefore the sociology of science indicates the existence of standards specific to the scientific field.

    The different forms of research are distinguished by the different “technical” standards that guide intellectual activity. Therefore, Ejada, the best Educational Services Company in Oman, had to understand well these standards, and thus scientific research is written on the basis of scientific and accurate methodology, as the purpose of regional knowledge is to analyze and understand these technical imperatives. Likewise, the “scientific method” is not the same according to different research systems.

    ?Are there different dimensions for scientific research when it is written by Ejada

    The different forms of scientific research are distinguished by the proficiency of the best Educational Services Company in Oman by the standard system that frames it, in a more specific way through the geographical locations on which the research is based, the professional trades that the owner of each work occupies, the methods of financing and evaluation, …… Etc., also the scientific research is generally recorded in specific places as mentioned, which provide researchers with various means to practice their activity. So, Ejada advises you not to hesitate to contact us, and to request scientific research service from it, and other services that save you time and effort you great need

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