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اطلب البحث الآن

    We all know that the first impression is the one that remains and always sticks in memory, so you can imagine, our researcher, that the first impression that your supervisors will have of you will be a negative one! Will you be pleased with the outcome? Or will the verse then come back to haunt you? and you will regret what you presented in that day, when you bring up what happened in the discussion room, you strongly blame yourself because you underestimated the matter of writing your thesis or scientific research in general, and as a result, “Ejada”, the Medina ‘s most famous Educational Services Website , took it over, because writing the thesis for master’s and doctoral thesis requires great attention, in order to get the most out of the scientific document, Ejada website has provided you with some of the most common mistakes that you should avoid when writing your thesis, which are as follows:

    Using untrusted sources

    One of the fundamentals of writing scientific research is the use of first-rate academic resources such as (books, scientific or research articles, previous studies, … etc.), and the use of websites or secondary blogs should be avoided, as the thesis written on the basis of highly credible sources will enhance and provide your writing with solid fundamentals.

    Mistakes and lack of review:

    As is the case with every scientific research, not to read it again because the student becomes bored with frequent reading and taking out the mistakes of the research and reformulating them again, which is a big mistake, so linguistic and grammatical mistakes, as well as typographical mistakes, should be corrected after re-reading the thesis. So, the Medina ‘s most famous Educational Services Website will always be reading your research several times, spotting mistakes, and correcting them immediately.

    Randomly writing the scientific research:

    The scientific research thesis should be consistent with academic work in intellectual accuracy and terminology accuracy, so your study topic should be clearly and precisely defined, and it is better to enter into a deeply defined area, rather than speaking superficially about the topic’s multiple aspects, and this choice will not make data collection easier. It is not only that, but it will also save readers from wasting time by diving into a torrent of mystery.

    Therefore, “Ejada,” the Medina ‘s most famous Educational Service Website, advises you not to rely on chance when writing your scientific research. It also recommends consulting specialized dictionaries even at this late stage, because regardless of the chosen specialty, each science responds to its own terms after using the appropriate vocabulary for it. Which will demonstrate your expertise as a scientific researcher distinguished by his pursuit of others.

    Ignoring the researches’ presentation:

    The final research format and organization is one of the most important aspects of scientific research quality, and it should not be overlooked. Most students are held accountable or punished as a result of their supervisors’ poor presentation of their research content. As a result, Ejada, the Medina ‘s most famous Educational Services Website , has created the best presentations, as well as the ability to translate these presentations in a certified and documented translation based on scientific methodological foundations.

    Ejada advises you not to be impulsive when discussing your scientific research at this time, and to be slow to skip the presentation slides so that you can present it carefully and clearly to all attendees in the discussion room at the same time.

    In a few words….

    Please do not risk wasting years of your life writing your final thesis, which you desperately need, and instead just go to Ejada website for assistance in this matter.

    تواصل الآن مع أساتذة إجادة واطلب بحثك بثقة

    خبرة 20 عاما في مجال البحث العلمي، نضم أكثر من 90 متخصص، تعديلات مجانية، متابعة مستمرة، معنا نضمن نجاحك