Why Does Ejada, the Best Educational Services Website in Jeddah, Care About Scientific Formatting?

The scientific form of research may seem a little confusing to some students and researchers. One of the reasons for using this formatting is that it is a way to deliver scientific results efficiently to a broad community of scientists in a unified way. The other reason, perhaps more important than the first, is that this formatting allows the scientific paper to be read at many different levels. For example, many people skip headings to see available information on the topic, others can only read titles and abstracts, and those who want to delve deeper may want to read tables, figures, results, …. etc. The main point here is that the scientific formatting from Ejada, the best educational services website in Jeddah, helps you ensure that, and at any level, the target audience reads your research, whether scientific or literary, and is likely to get the main findings and conclusions.

Ejada, the Best Educational Services Website in Jeddah, offers you some things that you must check before publishing your research content or sending it to one of the supervisors:

Citation of Sources in the Text:

All scientific content depends on the sources, since they are related to the work of others, so it is necessary to cite them. Some research is quoted in quotation marks and specifies the name of the author, while others use APA standards in the text, which is one of the methods of documenting references.

Here is an example of quote:

Walter Lippmann, an American, was one of the first to use metaphorically in his book on public opinion in 1922, and he refers by this term, borrowed in everyday language, to the images in our head that mediate our report on reality.

Using APA Citation, the author can write:

“An American advertiser was one of the first to use metaphorically in his work (Liebman, 1922). This term, inspired by the language of everyday life, describes “the images in our heads that mediate our relationship with reality.”

References Should Be Available in the List of References:

Ejada website, the best educational services website in Jeddah, also provides a list of references and all the sources that the author relied on, in terms of structure, and this section is often located at the end of the document. It can be displayed through review (font size and type, organization of elements, classification of works), so it is important that this section be consistent, and the sources used on the same topic must converge.

Use of Footnotes:

Footnotes are references that are placed at the bottom of the page, and are numbered. It allows you to develop part of the text or give details and characteristics of the work such as quotes or references from the references themselves. The references placed at the bottom of the page must follow the form requested by the university to which the researcher belongs.

Here is an example of using a footnote:

15. Gordon Willard Allport is an American psychologist born in 1897 and died in 1967. In the nature of prejudice, which was first published in 1954, he studies in particular the relationship between behavior and a person’s orientation. According to him, the prejudice is a negative attitude towards something that may or may not appear in his behavior in certain situations.


Paraphrasing aims to explain an idea to others without quoting the text with quotes. The use of this element is very frequent and certain rules are followed in order to avoid plagiarism. Therefore, paraphrasing should always indicate the source of the idea. Once the rules of scientific writing are applied, other methods can be used so that their application ensures the use of a scientific style that is appropriate and enjoyable for reading.

  • Follow the Logical Progression of the Research:

One of the most important elements that must be present in scientific research is to present a logical statement of it. The logic used in the research must be organized, follow a clear and detailed progress, and not skip it all at once.

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