The impact of Covid 19 on companies, and has it affected Ejada?

The Chinese city of Wuhan has become a source of danger to all of humanity, where the first case of Covid 19 appeared, which quickly spread to the rest of the world. Signs of fear and terror appeared on all companies in various sectors around the world. After the spread of the Covid 19 epidemic on every small and large, its negative effects ravaged and displaced hundreds of thousands of people around the world, especially in America and Italy. Which affected the investors negatively and the major companies around the world, and consequently all global stocks were affected by paying exorbitant costs to contain this dumb crisis.

Covid 19 impact on the global economy:

The global economy shook in front of the world, especially the countries where the epidemic spread very quickly, causing panic and becoming a threat to their economic life and its marked decline in all areas. After the outbreak of Covid 19 investors feared the collapse of the entire global economy, and that government procedures would not be sufficient to contain this crisis, and in order to stop the unlimited spread of this epidemic, some countries took the necessary and very strict procedures, as they imposed a complete ban on some of their affected countries. This led to paralysis and a complete stop in these areas, especially the industrial ones, even the cafes and restaurants did not spared from harm.

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), it warned of the global economic downturn this year after the world’s countries overcame the 2009 financial crisis, and also made it clear in a statement that global growth will decline by 1.5% this year 2020, this result relates to stopping all industrial facilities, and its daily activities, and workers maintain their homes to protect themselves and those around them, which is what global stock markets have surrendered to in the face of the accelerating epidemic, threatening the global economic recovery.

Does the Corona virus affect private companies?

Many companies were severely affected by Covid-19, which appeared at the end of 2019 in China, affecting many countries, and then leading to the collapse of the global economy compared to previous years. It also negatively affected the financial resources of some companies, which is why they were forced to dismantle in all different economic sectors, due to the suspension of their operations, whether with regard to passenger movement, shipping cargo flights, airports … etc., this severely affected the big companies in various countries, due to a shortage of locally manufactured parts, if the logistical difficulties caused by the epidemic persist, it could affect the operation of entire factories in the rest of the world.

What are the largest companies affected by Covid 19?

  • Amazon:

Although it made a lot more money between January and March 2020, Amazon also has to bear the increased costs of dealing with the increase in orders, including the recruitment of an additional 175,000 workers, and accordingly the company’s accountants have published and announced that their company may soon suffer a financial loss for the first time since five years.

  • FedEx and United Parcel Service (UPS):

FedEx and UPS are among the largest shipping and delivery companies in the world, but they have requested assistance from the United States government due to financial problems caused by the Covid 19 epidemic. As so many people shop online, deliveries from businesses to profitable businesses have seen demand drop, as many businesses have had to close or downsize during the pandemic.

  • PayPal:

PayPal is one of the largest digital payment companies in the world, and has been hit hard by Covid-19, dropping its net profit for the first quarter of 2020 to $ 84 million, almost eight times less than the same period last year.

  • What role did Ejada play under this current crisis?

As we previously mentioned, the Covid-19 crisis has already reached a critical stage forcing public health systems to take drastic measures to slow the spread of the virus, contain the disease and limit its effects, but its economic consequences have not gone unnoticed, and many companies are groping their way to understand the current events, which develops rapidly to react and learn from it.

However, given the completely different levels of potential for disrupting companies’ business, the value of better preparedness for future crises, and based on the analysis of the current situation of students, and the support we provide through constant communication with our clients around the world, which allow us to interact with current events.

Therefore, Ejada for Educational Services did not stand idly by in front of all these obstacles, so it reached out to every student or researcher to save him from this crisis quickly. After they stayed up for nights between books and references, by helping them write scientific research according to systematic foundations at the highest level of accuracy and quality, not only that, but it also provided all educational services in all its forms, which we will mention to you as follows:

  • Assistance with master’s and doctoral thesis
  • Master’s researches
  • Writing a Master’s research in law
  • University researches
  • Statistical analysis
  • Writing the graduation researches
  • Writing the Previous studies
  • Make a research plan
  • Coordination of postgraduate thesis
  • Scientific researches translation
  • Proofreading researches and scientific dissertations
  • Professional PowerPoint presentations
  • Graphic design
  • Writing the conceptual framework
  • Making a E-book
  • Download the sources and references for scientific research
  • Proposing titles for master’s and doctoral thesis
  • The percentage of plagiarism in researches and thesis

What characterize Ejada Educational Services Company:

  • Differentiation of prices for educational services without exaggeration
  • Delivery the documents to your home
  • The quality and accuracy of our educational services
  • Respect the ethics and principles of scientific research
  • Achieve credibility, transparency and professional honor with all clients
  • Not underestimating the customer’s intellectual level
  • Helping researchers to obtain the highest academic degrees
  • Helping students formulate their research
  • All scientific research works are free from linguistic and grammatical mistakes, sorting and correcting them
  • Careful when taking plagiarisms from previous studies
  • A specialized team in research and thesis
  • Scientifically documenting the sources and information contained in the research on systematic grounds

In conclusion:

The global economic recession caused by Covid 19 could be worse than the one that followed the financial crisis of 2008, but if some companies face many difficulties, no harm reached Ejada as it always meets the desire of every researcher or scientific student.

Dear researchers, stay home and protect yourself, your family and your country, and do not bear the burden of carrying out educational services. Ejada can now pull you out of the bottleneck, so you only deal with it. It is your safe haven.

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