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The role and importance of preparing scientific research and reports is not limited to writing them only, but the matter is deeper than that. The purpose of a scientific report is to describe, explain and comment on every scientific work or research article that has already been written and to determine the location of the scientific study, in terms of its context, logic, main conclusions, …. etc. Most of time papers and reports relate to recently published works, so the author of a research must understand the scientific text of what he wrote, while helping his readers to understand it. Hence, “Ejada”, the best educational service website in Qatar, came up with some ideologies, which consist of certain steps and values ​​that it follows when writing every research or scientific report, which ultimately aims to raise the rank of every researcher.

Some of the Ideologies of Scientific Research That Ejada, the Best Educational Service Website in Qatar, Focuses on:

Documenting References:

It is very important if many works are referenced in the scientific work in order to define and contextualize a topic. This gives the student a general background of the context, as well as the scientific quality of their curriculum.

Some of the Document Evaluation Questions That Are Asked About on the Ejada Website:

Who is the author of the document? Its name must be clearly indicated, as well as its function if it is a document issued by an institution.

Who is the responsible publisher? Or in other words, who bears legal responsibility for the information that has been disclosed?

What is the publisher or organization hosting the site? Is it a university, research center, private access provider?

What is the status of the document? Is it a scientific article, personal opinion of a scientist, an official document, an advertisement page, or a trade show?

What is the date of the document? If it is an electronic publication, when is it last updated?

What are the sources of disclosed information?

What, if any, bibliographic references?

If the electronic publication of a document is published elsewhere, what is the hard copy?

If it is an electronic publication that has not been published on paper, is it supported by an editorial committee or a scientific committee?

Are articles reviewed by the electronic magazine committee after reading the publishing policies related to them?

If it is an online post, what is the life expectancy of the site? as the longevity of the site can be estimated based on the credibility of the site’s host organization, and the history of the site’s creation.

Synthesis and Analysis:

Here are some questions you should ask yourself when conducting an article analysis:

What are the researcher’s goals? What is the intention of his project?

What question does he want answered (the research problem)? Are there difficulties in solving it?

What is the hypothesis that the study seeks to verify?

Are there vague concepts in the research as a whole?

What are the methods used by the researcher (in terms of organization and data usage)?

What information is the researcher based on? Does the author criticize this information? Are they from reliable sources?

What are the sources used in the study?

Is there a certain method applied when presenting the conclusions of his research? If so, how does the author justify his choices?

How is the plan built? How are the logical elements connecting the elements of the plan brought in?

As a result of the combination of subtraction and the opposite, this stage allows reformulating the scientific content by repeating its stages of progress. Therefore, it is not a simple summary as some believe.

Use Adequate Vocabulary for the Purpose:

To maintain the reader’s interest and to ensure that he follows the logic of the research, “Ejada”, the best educational service website in Qatar, is focused on the vocabulary contained in the text of the research. That is why it is not recommended to use a very “literary” language that uses many metaphors or complex grammatical combinations. Depending on the type of references in the research, it is necessary to adapt the research vocabulary to the mentality of the target audience.

When writing a scientific research, “Ejada” is the best educational service website in Qatar aims to:

Define important concepts, abbreviations and regularity of paragraphs.

The presence of graphs, tables and figures.

List all citations and text references in the Bibliography list.

Follow the typical citations, footnotes, and references required by the researcher.

Proofread the article by addressing grammatical and spelling errors.

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