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Are you looking for the best office to provide and write prior studies for your master’s thesis and research? Ejada Educational Services Office is specialized in providing and writing the theoretical framework and previous studies in scientific research thanks to a highly trained academic team of master’s and doctoral holders, and because we are always looking to satisfy our customers and provide all means of support and benefit from our services, we are now ready to receive and respond to your requests.

The importance of writing previous studies:

The importance of previous research and studies is one of the basic elements that always come to answer questions that revolve in the researcher’s mind, so it is necessary for the researcher to use previous studies, references and literature in the same context around which the research under study revolves, because it makes the researcher fully familiar with the topic under study. The diversity of information and its sources greatly help the researcher to understand the contents of the search and to reach the most accurate details, and the importance of presenting previous studies of the research stems from the fact that it gives the researcher a great vision of the history of the development of the research topic.

Why is our team distinguished in writing previous studies?

  1. Delay in reviewing previous studies because they cause a lot of errors and waste important information on the researcher in the research topic.
  2. Reviewing many sources and previous studies and not relying on a specific type.
  3. View and method of writing the previous studies in scientific research according to scientific bases methodology.
  4. Ensure that the results of previous studies are correct before relying on it and translating it into all languages ​​certified translation with high accuracy.
  5. Taking previous studies from its primary sources.
  6. Avoid the boring presentation style of previously selected studies.
  7. Consider that the studies are recent to enrich scientific research.
  8. Documentation of references according to the internationally recognized documentation systems.

Therefore, we offer students the service of theoretical framework and previous studies in scientific research for research in various scientific disciplines; this is thanks to a trained academic team at the highest level of master and doctoral degree holders. You can also, dear student or researcher, download previous studies and references by going to the download page of scientific theses free without charge in a step by Ejada Educational Services Company to help you with scientific research, by contacting customer service throughout the day to request the service, as we are always ready to serve you at any time.

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