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If you are looking for the best office submits scientific translation for Scientific Research and literary books, we are always on call when you need. You will get the high- quality for translation at a very competitive price to translate files in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the Arab world. In addition, Ejada office for educational services is within the best sites for translating scientific research and specializing in providing services for more than 12 years, depending on an academic team at the highest level and a group of the best scientific cadres in Egyptian and Arab universities. Contact us now and get your research translation with the highest quality and at a very competitive price.

We only do not limit ourselves to scientific research translation, but rather we provide you with assistance in preparing Master’s and PhD Theses, making university research, writing graduation research and promotion research with the highest quality that ensures that your research will be accepted and obtain the full degree.

What make you trust us in Translating Scientific Research?

  • This is because Ejada office specialized in translating scientific research with high quality, and our translators are familiar with all terms in the source and target languages, and has experience to translate the same type of documents.
  • Because our translators has the ability to provide a correct and accurate scientific translation of the documents and they can do the required search.
  • Ejada office provided a competitive price for translation in Egypt and the Arab world.
  • 24/7 client service to help you any time
  • The ability to make any free modifications at any time
  • Our team includes the great professors of Egyptian universities in all majors to ensure the highest quality of translation and scientific research.

Translating scientific research at a Competitive price and with excellent quality

  1. Translation of Scientific Research
  2. Translation of Scientific Theses
  3. Translation of MA and PhD Theses
  4. Translation of Scientific Texts
  5. Translation of Literary Documents
  6. Translation of Scientific Books
  7. Translation of Research in all majors
  8. Translation of documents, papers and certificates
  9. Translation of university certificates
  10.  Literary translation

11. Translation of Economic Research

We also specialized in providing all fields; financial translation, translation of banking documents, translation of governmental documents, papers and certificates, including translation of national identity and translation of birth, marriage, death and divorce certificates. Ejada also specialized in providing a scholarship certificates for students and many other fields of translation). So, do not hesitate to contact us and request the certified translation service, we offer you a competitive price for translation and with the highest accuracy and quality by our translators.

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