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If you are a postgraduate student and you want to write an excellent research plan for your thesis to start your journey to obtain the certificate or want to make a graduate research plan. Ejada for Educational Services will provide you with the service of writing the research plan according to academic scientific bases through a highest- level trained Teamwork holders Masters and PhD in different disciplines. Since the Teamwork we have a professors in Egyptian universities, we will guarantee you the quality of the plan and it is lack of any errors.

Writing a High- Quality Research Plan

  1. Choosing a Research Title:

It should contain strong specifications to be used in the best way for Master’s and PhD Theses, to be clear and brief.

  • Writing an Introduction:

Writing an Introduction Professionally, through a group of paragraphs that contain sub-titles or footnotes, and do not exceed one page, and shall contain general ideas about the topic, in which previous studies that dealt with the topic and the reasons that made the researcher choose the said topic.

  • Defining the Problem Subject Matter of Research:

By writing a set of phrases expressing the content of the research problem, which is very important within the research elements of the Thesis.

  • Writing the Importance of the Research:

Writing the Importance of the Research in a professional way, through which short phrases mentioned that show the extent of the research contribution to humanity and its benefits.

  • Determining the spatial, temporal and objective boundaries

Spatial boundaries, means the place subject matter of the research, such as the region, city, or country. As for temporal boundaries, it is the period i subject matter of the research used more in literary research. As for objectivity, it is the topic covered by the research.

  • Determining the research methodology that the researcher followed:

This helps to collect, classify and analyze the information with an indication of how the result was reached.

  • Writing the research contents

The research divided into Sections, which are usually 3 or 4 Sections, and then divided into chapters. We take into account that the number of chapters is equal in all Sections with a suitable title for each Section and chapter, with the results, recommendations and conclusion wrote down in the contents page.

8. Writing a List of References

The references and sources used in the topic of the research are mentioned and arranged in alphabetical order and start from the Arabic references, then the previous studies, the foreign references and then  from websites.

Why should you trust us when you request to prepare a Research Plan?

  • An excellent research plan is prepared for you by a university professor in your major, so it is will be of the highest quality and lack from any errors.
    • Direct contact with you 24 /7
    • The Teamwork has more than 12 years of experience in providing our services to all students in the Arab world.
    • The ability to make amendments at any time and are without paying any additional costs.
    • We always with you tell submitting the plan and approving it.
    • Make a search plan with the highest quality and at competitive prices in Egypt and the Arab world.
    • Possibility of making a research plan and translating it into more than 50 languages ​​with very high quality through Ejada Office for Certified Translation

Making a Research Plan for all Scientific Phases and Majors:

  • Writing a Master’s Research Plan
    • Writing a PhD Research Plan
    • Designing an Accounting Graduate Research Plan
    • Making Master Plan as per standards of King Saud University
    • Writing a Graduation Research Plan
    • Research Plan in Law
    • Making a Pdf Research Plan in Psychology
    • Making a Research Plan in Business Administration
    • Master Research Plan in Pedagogy
    • Making a Research Plan in Economy
    • Making a Research Plan in Psychological Health
    • Making a Research Plan in Sociology
    • A purely ready-made plan in Psychology
    • Making a Research Plan for a PhD in International Law
    • Research Plan in Educational Psychology
    • Research Plan purely Master’s in Business Administration
    • Making a Master’s Research Plan in Education
    • Making a Master’s Research Plan in Interpretation.
    • Making a Master’s Research Plan in Curriculum and Teaching Methods.
    • Making a Master’s Research Plan in Curriculum and Teaching Methods of Mathematics
    • Making a Graduation Project Research Plan of Graduation Project
    • Making a Research Plan in Curriculum and Teaching Methods of English Language
    • Making a Research Plan in Curriculum and Teaching Methods of Arabic
    • Making a Thesis  PhD Research Plan in Law

Dear Researcher, do not hesitate to contact us and request your scientific research without any errors, we are always in your service wherever you are in the Arab world.

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