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Ejada for Educational Services provides the service of writing the conceptual framework for master’s and PhD theses, and the framework for Scientific Research is one of the main parts of Scientific thesis and often the second and largest part in the thesis and the theoretical framework in the research is divided into two basic parts, which are partial review theoretical literature that is related to the topic of the thesis and partial previous studies and references and its task is to summarize the most important studies that are related to the topic

The importance of the conceptual framework in scientific research

The conceptual framework for scientific research contains a set of conceptual pages that are listed in the scientific research curriculum or the Masters and PhD thesis, and this is represented in the importance of the study and its objectives, the scientific approaches used in the study and terminology, hypotheses and research questions, in addition to previous studies that contribute to in-depth study of all aspects of the research problem.

At Ejada Educational Services, we offer a service of writing the conceptual framework for research with high accuracy to all postgraduate students in all countries of the world and the Arabian Gulf in both Arabic and English because we have an academic scientific team at the highest level of masters and doctoral degrees holders in various scientific disciplines.

Why are we distinguished from others in writing the conceptual framework for research?

  1. Reframe the contents of the conceptual framework with extreme precision.
  2. Provide and summarize recent studies related to the research topic.
  3. Send all references that were used for the student to be a reference to him.
  4. The interest of the working group for the references to be up-to-date and relevant to the research topic.
  5. Different references, sources and previous studies.
  6. Observing the terms of publishing in universities in the coordination and writing of scientific theses to ensure acceptance of the research.
  7. The conceptual framework works in Arabic and English.
  8. Make any adjustments to the conceptual framework at any time without additional cost.
  9. Communicate with the researcher during the preparation of the conceptual framework during official working hours.
  10. Follow up with the student from the beginning of writing the research until the discussion.

We specialize in all educational services for more than 12 years, which are represented in (Help in master’s and PhD theses and research – writing graduation research in all scientific disciplines – certified translation service – coordination of master’s and PhD and scientific theses) thanks to a scientific team at the highest level of the largest Professors of Egyptian universities.

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