Do you want to check spelling and proofreading for your research and masters and PhD theses? Because proofreading is one of the most important parts that ensure the final professional output of the research content, which ensures the student’s superiority and obtaining the highest grades, so we offer in Ejada Educational Services a language proofing and spelling correction service at the highest level of accuracy thanks to an academic team of masters and doctoral degrees holders in various disciplines as well as experts in linguistic and grammar checking for research, scientific studies, books, theses, and literary works in Arabic and English.

The proofreader revises the study in all its parts, corrects all spelling and grammar errors, writes all notes and suggestions that support the strength and content of the study, and includes the language proofing service to ensure the validity of the vocabulary and content of the study (From the spelling terms, grammatical and morphological aspects, the correctness of the literary and scientific formulation, the correctness and clarity of sentence structures, and the rules of writing) in a professional manner with respect to the rules of sound academic writing that ensures that the research is produced in an ideal, easy-to-read and understandable format. Therefore, Ejada is considered the best site for linguistic and grammar checking for Arabic and English, which seeks to provide the best price for proofreading the page in the Arab world.

How do we provide proofreading service for master’s theses?

  1. Set proofreader or more depending on the size of master’s thesis or work required.
  2. Review the Master’s or PhD’s thesis in all its parts and make a linguistic and grammar correction in Arabic / English.
  3. Write all notes and adjustments that were extracted.
  4. Providing the customer and the researcher with two copies of the work, one of them containing the adjustments and the other in a final PDF format after making the necessary adjustments.
  5. Ensure the correctness of the vocabulary of the master content in all the spelling and grammatical aspects, as well as the correctness of the scientific and literary formulation and sentence structures and their clarity in the correct manner.
  6. Taking into account the proofreading and quotation marks (add, replace, approx, dimensions and delete).
  7. Providing the best language proofing prices for students in the Arab world.

Why are we the best in proofreading master’s theses?

  1. Fluency in languages ​​with all its spelling, linguistic, grammatical and morphological rules.
  2. The proofreader has a wide culture with various required disciplines.
  3. The proofreader at Ejada for Educational Services is distinguished by patience and not being rushed until the work is completed as required.
  4. Not to be bored and focus well.
  5. The spelling checker is fully aware with the keywords related to the field of language proofing.
  6. There is a professional Arabic proofreader, proofreading for master’s theses, fully aware of the noble hadiths and the Qur’an and preserving them.
  7. Read the text carefully before starting it so that it is easy to understand and not make any mistakes.
  8. Ability to understand the intent of the writer and what it means through the written text research.
  9. Ability to translate master’s, PhD and research theses into more than 50 languages with the highest quality.

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