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We rely on a large team of Egyptian university professors to ensure the quality of research and its acceptance in the highest quality possible. Ejada Office for Educational Services specializes in preparing graduation research and helping students in preparing graduation research in high quality by a team of Egyptian university professors in all disciplines, graduation research (graduation project) is also one of the main requirements that shall be fulfilled in order to obtain a license or bachelor degree, we are at Ejada Educational Services, helping students to undertake graduation projects in various scientific disciplines and in Arabic and English languages according to the university’s conditions for writing researches, also developing a graduation research plan of the highest quality

Writing a graduation research according to the scientific and academic bases

  1. Research cover: includes the name of the educational institution, college, name of the country, university logo and research title.
  2. Dedication: includes a dedication to the research supervisor and any person who contributed to preparing the research from the student’s point of view and according to his own vision.
  3. List of Abbreviations: comes at the beginning of the research for easy reference.
  4. Content: includes the titles of the research topics and the chapters that make up the research, with specifying the page number for each title so that it is easy to refer to it later.
  5. Introduction: they shall be matched with the research topic, highlighting the main points, and explaining the importance of the research and the methodology used in it, we usually start numbering from this page.
  6. General objectives that the research aims to achieve, which are numbered and arranged sequentially in the form of a list.
  7. Research topic includes discussions and results, in addition to specific recommendations.
  8. Sources and references, which are the books that have been referred to in the research.
  9. Finally, the graduation research is coordinated with the highest quality according to the conditions followed by the university with the ability to translate into all languages at the highest quality.

Why are we the best for you to write a graduation research?

  • Because we are the only office in Egypt whose team consists of the largest university professors in all disciplines to ensure the quality of research.
  • We are committed to the deadline for delivery of the research.
  • A specialized university professor specialized in making graduation projects of the highest quality.
  • Complete graduation projects without errors.
  • The possibility of making free adjustments at any time.

Basics followed to make a graduation research

  1. Graduate research that includes an explaining plan for the goals and future vision of the research.
  2. Taking into account that the research content is proportional to its title in order for it to be accepted.
  3. We collect all sources and references before the beginning of writing the graduation research, whether books or magazines.
  4. The main goal of the graduation project must be clarified.

Therefore, dear student, if you are looking for an office that makes graduation researches or graduation project offices, we are ready to serve you at any time with the modifying service with no additional cost, this is to reach to writing the graduation project in academic and scientific ways at the highest level by an academic and trained team at the highest level of MA and PhD degree holders in various majors and in Arabic and English languages.

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