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Create an electronic book or designing the e-books is an important matter, the researcher shall be aware enough of it, the e-book is a digital publication consists of text, picture or both, it’s possible to read the e-book on a special digital device or computer. the e-books are originally a technical manuals for products, but today it covers most of the publishing forms, and that because of its low cost production, the large production companies also provide the e-books as an alternative for the printed publications, some e-books use a special format like those designed for tablets, and its alternative is the open format like adobe reader.

In Ejada for Educational Services, we provide you with e-book design services within the famous program adobe reader, we will choose a topic for you that suits your needs and the needs of your audience, and provide you with an outline for each chapter of your ebook, and design books for reading exciting and distinctive within the PDF program using the appropriate colors, we will help you to choose a topic that will facilitate the identification of your services and work for your audience with an elegant and innovative design.

This and one of the most prominent services provided by Ejada for Educational Services is writing. Therefore, upon your request, we will provide you with an outline of each chapter of the special e-book, we realize that the introduction of your e-book shall pave the way for the contents of the e-book and extract the reader, this helps you create natural transitions between each chapter, so there is clear progress from chapter to chapter, and these practices shall be true to all of your other marketing efforts, such as email marketing, call-to-action creation, and website development.

Why do we excel in creating E-book in the highest quality?

  1. Because we keep the frame the main idea of the book and adhere to it.
  2. Coordinating the book without dealing with it as information and various random topics with the ability to translate into more than 50 different languages.
  3. Ideas sequentially arranged.
  4. Use modern designs when designing the book that suit the book’s theme, be comfortable on the eyes and attract the reader’s attention.
  5. Make sure that the topic is interest your audience, the perfect design can’t exceed the topic and the title.
  6. Your e-book is supposed to be readable, if the reader cannot read the words due to choice of color, font, lack of contrast, etc.
  7. To design a special eBook, we use presentation software such as Power Point or Google Presentations, word processing software such as Microsoft Word, Open Office, or Google docs, in addition to a PDF program to design a great e-book.

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