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Are you looking for the best office to coordinate master’s and PhD theses?

We have been specializing in coordination of Master’s and PhD Theses for more than 12 years. As the format of scientific theses is one of the necessary and final steps to ensure the accuracy and organization of the final Theses form, which ensures that they are free of errors. It is also an indispensable step and its omission causes a similar failure despite its abundant content. Then, the commitment to the final form and arrangement of the study comes from following formats and rules contained in the university guide and the standards for formatting Master’s and PhD Theses mentioned therein. In addition, the formation of master’s and PhD Theses is one of the basic steps before the printing, publishing and submitting in its final form to the supervisory committee. Despite the simplicity of this step, it takes researcher’s time and double effort especially after he made a long effort in writing and preparing the study. So, we work in Ejada for Educational Services to help students and researchers in formatting Master’s and PhD Theses and various scientific research by standardizing the style and size of the font used in scientific study according to the guide for writing of Theses and researches of the university. Dear researcher, request the service and we will fulfill your request at any time.

Therefore, we in the Ejada Educational Services Company follow the conditions of universities in coordinating and writing Masters and PhD Theses in order to ensure that you accept the scientific Thesis thanks to an academic team of Masters and PhD Theses degree holders and trained at the highest level. Therefore, you, student and researcher, should request the service of formatting Scientific Theses and Research, because it is very necessary and important to accept such Thesis.

Important points we follow in the formatting of Masters and PhD Theses

  1. Follow the university conditions in formatting of Masters and PhD Theses
  2. Unify of font theme and size.
  3. Formatting graphics in an attractive way.
  4. Formatting page breaks.
  5. Arranging tables in an organized manner.
  6. Formatting Margins.
  7. Arranging chapters in accordance with academic order.
  8. Dividing the Thesis into scientific chapters, sections and topics.
  9. Writing all steps in same font.
  10.  Writing and formatting postgraduate Theses of a specific font size.
  11.  Writing the section titles in the middle of the page with a specific font size.
  12.  Writing title in BOLD and with a specific font size.
  13.  Write sub-titles with different font from titles.

A- Writing the side titles with a different size.

B- Writing the tables’ titles at the top of the tables in a different size.

C – Writing the titles of the figures below it BOLD and with a different size.

14. Translating Scientific Theses with the highest quality possible, if you wish.

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