Do Not Waste Your Efforts and Deal with the Best Educational Services Offices in Saudi Arabia

Do Not Waste Your Efforts and Deal with the Best Educational Services Offices in Saudi Arabia

Do Not Waste Your Efforts and Deal with the Best Educational Services Offices in Saudi Arabia

مكاتب خدمات تعليمية في السعودية

The choice of research projects can have important implications at the academic, professional, social and sometimes financial levels. For this reason, things must return to normal and resort to the best educational services offices in Saudi Arabia, such as the “Ejada” office. We are aware of this great responsibility, the contribution significantly in the design or development of the research project writing, data acquisition after its analysis, and interpretation under the guidance of the Research Supervision Committee.

We, the Ejada Office, must include the student as the primary author in any research that is mainly based on his thesis. If necessary, changes to the author’s ranking can be made later, after knowing the actual contribution of each person, but must be discussed in advance with the co-authors.

After formulating the problem and defining the research question or hypothesis in it, we first define the structure of the research project document. It is considered an important point for discussion in reviewing the logical framework and the scientific methodology on which your research is based, and then a full evaluation of it. Therefore, we must give you a brief description of what we do when writing scientific researches for students and researchers.

The Most Three Important Elements That Must Be Mentioned in Scientific Research Provided by the Best Educational Services Offices in Saudi Arabia

First: The Title of the Research

The title of the research should be simple, short and clear, but rather complete, clearly describing its objectives on the basis of the proposed project. It should also be understandable to everyone who reads it.

Second: Research Abstract

The abstract is a brief introduction to explain the research problem or question that your research project is about. It aims to summarize how you will address that question or that problem, and through it the potential results of your research are included. For its structure, it contains four basic parts are as follows:


Material and methods (methodology, experimental protocol)

The expected results

The implications of these results.

It must also be noted that the content of the research abstract differs from the scientific publication or the thesis abstract. Through this abstract, the quality of scientific research will be judged from the first glance. So, it is an integral part of every scientific research and it is the top-reading part after the title. In many researches, scientific research supervisors ask to translate this abstract to be in both Arabic and English. Therefore, Ejada has provided you with the best certified translation office that translates all scientific research abstracts with other services that meet the needs of each student or researcher.

Third: The Introduction

The introduction should describe the cause of the problem in scientific research, explain the need for study, and ask the research question and formulate its hypotheses.

the Introduction achieved Three Main Goals as Follows

Determine and know the need for research and the necessity of its importance, especially by emphasizing its scope.

State how the gap between what is known and unknown will be bridged in the field of research specialization.

Highlight the research idea, and provide a clear explanation for it.

Other, more specific, primary criteria (related to a specific topic or field) may be taken into consideration, as most of the evaluating organizations establish a specific classification for the evaluation of each research project separately.

:Ejada Office of the Best Educational Services Offices in Saudi Arabia Aims to

Assist researchers in formulating their already existing thesis topics.

. Guide young researchers in formulating their project proposal.

The approval of supervisors for the research presented after a comprehensive evaluation of it.

You just have to contact us now and request many research services for students and researchers from Ejada Office

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